Tuesday, 21.03.2017
8th FinQ-Event in Zurich
Park Hyatt Hotel Zurich

Financial and Industrial Location: Can Switzerland Maintain Its Global Position?

Participate in this event and share the opinions of:
  Beat Kappeler
Author and Columnist at the “NZZ am Sonntag” since 2002

«Switzerland has experienced the fear of losing its position since 1971:
  the lessons for the next 45 years»
Dr. Martin Burkhardt

Lenz & Staehelin Lawyers, Zurich

«International Legal Developments –
  Switzerland: an observing bystander?»
Prof. Dr. Klaus Wellershoff

Chairman of the Board of Directors at Wellershoff & Partners Ltd

«Facts of Post-Factual Economic Discourse» 
  Petra Gössi
Swiss Member of Parliament, Canton Schwyz /
President of the Free Democratic Party – The Liberals.

«The Fiscal Challenges Facing Switzerland» 
Our host at the FinQ event: 

Reto Lipp

Swiss economic journalist, presenter of the economic magazine “ECO” and the stock market magazine “SRF Börse” for Swiss Radio and TV 
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Photos – FinQ Event